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Rediscovering the authentic hospitality and the unforgettable experiences of a unique charming site. Welcome to Giardino Giamperduto.

A comfortable hotel located in Bernalda, Basilicata, along the Jonian coast, where the delicate nature shines full of suggestions. A "country house" a few kilometers from the excavations of ancient Metaponto, the heart of Magna Grecia, and Matera, well known around the world for the historic stones, today UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Immersed in the green of the fertile plains around Matera, Giardino Giamperduto welcomes its guests in the stylish and charming ancient 1920's structure, carefully restored in traditional Mediterranean fashion. A location that combines the simplicity of rural life with comfort and relaxation, giving the atmosphere and emotions that will make your stay unique.

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